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SadMol International Agency has been in the tourism business for over nine years. We are a member of the Kazahstan Tourism Association (KTA). We hold the licensed right to receive and service foreign tourists.

Discover our republic and you will be amazed at the harmonious combination of ancient and modern traditions in Kazahstan.

We offer you an opportunity to get acquainted with marvelous masterpieces of medieval architecture. Spend an unforgettable weekend in the picturesque Kazahstani part of the Great Silk Road to admire graceful beauty of the mountain Kolsai Lakes, astonishing Charyn Canyon and its famous Valley of Castles, Medeo skating rink in the mountains and Shymbulak ski resort as well as the unique flora and fauna of the mountain region.

Customs and traditions of the Kazakh people, their rich folklore and national cuisine will make your impression of our excursions complete. Our high professionalism and extensive experience is a guarantee of precise fulfillment of your order, broad variety of services and confidentiality, if necessary.
РК, г.Алматы, мкр Самал-2, д47 офис 16.
+7 727 3275236, 2588187, mob. +7 777 292 2235
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